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Due to both my own personal experience with dogs, in addition to years of courses, classes and workshops supported by scientifically peer reviewed studies in canine research, I use and recommend only force free and non-fear inducing approaches to supporting you and your dog. I have also founded the Alberta Force Free Alliance, a society that provides a one-stop resource for dog owners looking for force free handling of their dogs in all areas of their lives, be it training, veterinary services, daycare, grooming, etc. Please check us out at


The models for my approaches are founded in science. Please visit the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s position statements for scientifically researched and documented recommendations.


I firmly believe that our dogs’ care, from home to veterinary care to training, must be protective of both the dog’s physical and emotional well being. For a listing of local Fear Free Certified professionals as well as great resources for pet owners, please visit


Helping families with dogs nurture safe, happy relationships among all family members, human and canine.

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